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Here's a list of Love Your Mother Boutique's favourite brands. They are small businesses owned by inspiring Canadian women. 

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Wool and Wicks

Whether you’re looking to warm up on a cool winter day with a beautiful beeswax candle or bare the cold Canadian outdoors by bundling up in cozy winter knits, Wools and Wicks has you covered

Shop all their handmade goodies via the links below. Shop their Etsy shop here, or browse their knits and candles on their Instagram @wools_and_wicks.

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Lavande Chic

This young Canadian entrepreneur wants you to know that Lavande Chic only uses eco-friendly packaging with her hand-curated jewelry.

You’ll find nothing but unique crafted earrings on her Etsy site and jewelry made with eco-friendly practices. Browse Lavande Chic’s Instagram for creative gift ideas that will not only look amazing, but cherish Mother Earth!

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Phin Wellness

Phin wellness believes that everything is connected, therefore we must target all aspects of well-being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). If one of these aren't aligned, everything is thrown off.  

Phin Wellness is an eco-friendly wellness company, offering products to support a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. 

You will find your bath and beauty essentials on their shop. They have a variety of handmade soaps, body butter and natural lip balms to choose from. 

Shop Phin Wellness

Scatterbrain Soapworks

Scatterbrain Soapworks vision is to bring excitement and luxury back to bath time by offering playful and artistic soaps of the highest body-nourishing quality possible! 

Their products are handmade, small batch, vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free to ensure that they are doing their part to preserve our environment and we can all feel good about where our money is going! You ca shop their most popular soaps here.

Browse Scatterbrain Soapworks’s Instagram and online shop here.

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