About Us

Welcome to Love Your Mother Boutique. We offer eco-forward products that cater to your everyday sustainable lifestyle! From all-natural soaps to homemade clay pots, we are your one-stop shop to Replenish your Home, Nourish your Soul and Cherish Mother Earth. 

Here's my vision for Love Your Mother Boutique

Imagine living in a world where eco-forward goods were the prominent goods in our society, and plastic-wrapped and single-use plastics were not. 

An eco-forward world, where companies have to focus on sustainable products and zero-waste management systems may seem really unachievable and difficult at this current moment in time. 

However, with great challenges, comes great success. At Love Your Mother Boutique, we are on a mission to make that a reality and make quality eco-forward goods accessible to Canadians.

We are also on a mission to support as many local female entrepreneurs and socially conscious businesses as possible. 

At Love Your Mother Boutique we believe in giving back to society, and creating a sustainable future and ecosystem of local jobs. 

Our promise to you is that

  • All our products are made with high-quality premium ingredients and materials.

  • We offer a simple, transparent solution to purchasing beautiful eco-forward products that make your life easier and reduce your eco-footprint. (plus saving you money at the same time!)

  • After buying our products, you will realize how easy and accessible being low-waste is, and you may start to add these habits into your everyday lifestyle. (that’s our hope!)

Let me take you back to my trip to Australia, where the idea of LYMB all stemmed from.

When you are in Australia, it’s eco-forward first, and plastic products second. It became a habit of mine to look for low-waste products and live a sustainable eco-forward lifestyle. I loved it!

Australia was putting the planet first and making eco-forward products accessible. This meant buying liquids in glass jars, not plastic bottles, or using low-waste packaging for products.

Once I arrived back home in Canada, I was overwhelmed by the excessive use of plastic and waste in our everyday lives. I knew I needed to do something about it.

So I created Love Your Mother Boutique.

We have sourced quality products and created eco-forward bundles to make your sustainable lifestyle easy and accessible. Whether you are looking for products for your kitchen, bath time, beauty routine, home cleaning, or on the go adventure, we have zero or low-waste options for you!

Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all your eco-forward home essentials  and to help make living an eco-conscious lifestyle much easier.

Take a look at our essentials bundles to shop the basics for your kitchen, bath, beauty, and on-the-go routines.  

Meet the Founders

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I am one of the founders of Love Your Mother Boutique. Yassin is my best friend of 15 years! He has developed an incredible charity that supports ocean conservation. We bonded over our love for the environment, enviro-politics, and saving Mother Earth (as well as our love of wine and ability to talk forever).

If you haven’t noticed yet, I'm also a huge women's rights advocate and I have a Masters Degree in Legal History focusing on women’s rights. With my passion, I am striving to create a space for all women to thrive and empower one another. Women have been at the forefront of social activism and political change for decades and that it is no different for the eco-forward movement. I truly believe in the power of women to fight for change and what they believe in. 

Fun-fact: I’m a long-time ballet teacher in Toronto. One of my favourite parts about being a dance teacher was how amazing it was to see the young girls develop confidence and determination to succeed.

So LYMB has allowed me to combine all my passions into one mission, and help women and Mother Earth live better lives. I also work alongside my grandmother and mother, who hand-make all the pottery for LYMB. My little sister helps too, mainly by keeping us company! And together, we are on a mission to Replenish your Home, Nourish your Soul, and Cherish Mother Earth. (you can read more about us here too!)

Let’s replenish Mother Earth together,