The Beauty of Slowing Down: 10 Benefits

I know what you are thinking. You’re busy, treading, trying to keep your head above water, caught up in the chaos of life, and trying to slow down doesn’t seem like it will ever make it on your to do list, even if you tried. I’m here to give you permission to try to slow down, and lean into  enjoying the beauty of life at a slower pace, for you, for your health, for your family and your loved ones. So stop running on the hamster wheel, and take a step off to go at a new intentionally slower pace. 

10 benefits of slowing down 

1. You will truly start to enjoy nature and it's sounds

walks in the nature

Whether we realize it or not, humans have an innate connection to nature. Have you ever noticed that after you spend time outdoors, you feel better, your mood improves and is uplifted? We go over the psychology and science behind being outdoors and its mood boosting effects in our recent blog here. In the words of Love Your Mother Boutique, “Cherish Mother Earth.” The next time you go on a walk try to listen for the birds chirping, look out for animal footprints, or purely enjoy the beauty of nature and being outdoors. If you live by water, watch the waves come and go, splash on the rocks at the shore, and feel the water's meditative effects. 

2. Feeling Your Breathe

Doing simple breathing exercises is one of the most effective ways to reduce and manage stress, and it’s 100% free! Yes, slowly breathing in  all the way from your diaphragm to your chest  through the nose and out the mouth exhaling for 1, 2, 3 relaxes your body’s response to stress and can help lower cortisol levels which are the stress hormones in your body. Try this mind body practice the next time you are feeling anxious or stressed out, and it may help to bring you back to a state of calm. 

3. Enjoy the Little Things, and Be Thankful For What You Have

enjoy the little things, girl drinking coffee

We all know the saying, “Take the time to smell the roses. There’s beauty in enjoying life’s gifts like the view of beautiful flowers in your garden, the smell of your favouite tea as it steeps in the morning or the fine detail in your homemade pottery piece. Say thank you when a loved one makes you a coffee in the morning, and mean it. Enjoy your quiet time on the balcony before the world wakes up and recognize how thankful you are for the serene surrounding. There are so many little things to be thankful for everyday, and the more you start to look out for them, the better and more grateful you will feel. 

4. Embrace the Moment and Live in it

Practice consciously pausing, slowing down, and enjoying the moment.  Slowly increase the time “pausing” each day, and start to notice how good it feels to just pause, breathe and be. Let your mind wander, take in a breath of fresh air, and be mindful of your surroundings. Start to think about your life in a positive light. Try to create a list in your mind of all the things you are grateful for, or even write them down. You’ll be surprised how fulfilled and grateful a life you are already living, you were just too busy to realize it. 

5. Feel and the Feels and Emotions

I know feeling vulnerable and letting go, can be hard for many, myself included, but feeling the emotions you’ve been neglecting your body to feel, will feel like a release. When you are on go-go-go mode, you don’t really have time to self-reflect. By allowing yourself to check in with yourself occasionally, you may be able to heal some emotional blocks you’ve been avoiding. Yes, navigating through these emotional blocks will definitely be painful, and it will hurt, but on the other side is healing and self-love and you will eventually feel like you are in a better place. 

6. Consciously focus on YOU

Slow Down

In tip #5, we talked about feeling all the feels, and once you have time to self-reflect, you are going to realize that there are some areas that YOU personally want to work on. Maybe you want to spend more quality time with your partner or family. Maybe it’s deeper work, and you want to learn how to calm your mind, and be at ease. Whatever you choose, when you slow down, you will have time to focus on self-love and creating a path to a life you truly want to live. 

7. Learn About Yourself

When you slow down and allow yourself time in the day to think for yourself, and question your everyday habits, you may notice a shift in beliefs. You may realize that you like the slower pace of life and that bouncing around non-stop was tearing apart your health, and that you feel much more stable and happier moving at a slower pace. You also might learn that you suddenly realize that you don’t like some of the activities you were participating in or learn new ones that you enjoy more. When you’re on auto-pilot, you don’t have time to think for yourself and these conditions will go unnoticed. Once you tune into your thoughts, you will be able to learn about you, and what your true needs and desires are, and will be able to leave behind what is not. 

8. Spend Time With Loved Ones

This tip goes without saying, spending time with your loved ones (partner, family or friends), is absolutely one of the benefits of slowing down! Finally, you’ll be able to play soccer in the park with the kids, go out for dinner with your girlfriends, or enjoy a romantic night with your partner. Feeling connected to your family, friends and loved ones will make you feel happy, part of a community and your support system will get strengthened. 

9. Pick up New Hobbies

painting- New hobby

Try that painting class that you’ve been dying to sign up for, or register for a beginner’s pottery class. Maybe you have a secret green thumb and you’ve been dying to plant herbs indoors, or learn how to plant a veggie garden this spring. When you carve time into your day to play or to have you time, adding play, art and creativity into your routine, will likely make you a lot happier. Trying new hobbies, might spark new interests, new joys in life, and possibly new friends! 

10. Put Your Health First

Probably one of the most important benefits of slowing down is to prioritize your mental, physical and spiritual health. When you’re rushing around from job to job to take care of the kids, pick up groceries, run your business, AND fit in time for yourself, your health is usually sacrificed. You end up buying fast-food, you skip workouts, you sit in an office chair all day, and probably skip meditation and yoga because you are too busy. However, when you slow down, you will notice a shift in your health, and probably your mental health first. Maybe you will get your first 8 hours sleep in years, and you’ll remember how amazing it feels to get a good night’s sleep. Try putting your health first, and see the slow changes in your mood, to the glow of your skin, to your physical wellbeing. 

Here’s our challenge for you. Close the computer at 5pm, put your phone away and be present, and start living life in the moment, and at a slower pace. You will truly start to enjoy nature, seeing your friends and family and enjoying new hobbies in a whole new way. Happy slowing down and all the best with the switch to a slower paced, more fulfilling life. 

Comment below and let us know how you are slowing down? I bet we missed a benefit and we’d love to hear how slowing down has helped you and your loved ones.

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