Small Habit Changes to Easy Eco-Living

The path towards eco-friendly living is closer than you think, and it starts with one small habit change at a time. So many throw-away or single-use products on the market claim to make life more convenient and belittle the importance and long-term ease of eco-friendly living. One-time-use items can be found for all rooms and activities in the house but did you know that the same can be said for their low-waste alternatives? 

Incorporating eco-forward habits at home is easier than you might think. 

Making the switch to a more renewable lifestyle provides some added benefits that often go unsaid in our consumer-centric society. It only takes small changes to your everyday routines to make a huge impact on our Mother Earth. Love Your Mother Boutique (LYMB) is here to guide you through the little choices that make a big impact.

Tips for Eco-Forward Bath & Beauty

Many of your everyday routines happen in the bathroom and produce some of the highest amounts of waste in the home. The bathroom provides you with a quiet, private space to get ready for the day. You do your make-up, unwind, and even do some pampering and preening when you can, but how relaxing is it to do all of this with a bin of garbage staring at you? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to minimize or even eliminate the garbage from your self-care zone?  

LYMB has an entire line of bath and beauty products that significantly reduce or eradicate the need for a garbage can in the bathroom. Our line easily supports you with daily hygiene, face and body washing, as well as self-care in a way that transitions you seamlessly away from the one-and-done lifestyle. 

  • Daily hygiene: Find your eco-forward toothbrush and toothpaste tabs along with a gentle, natural deodorant with compostable packaging to start your day off knowing you’ve made a responsible transition without changing your usual routine. 
  • Washing: Ditch the plastic bottles and unnecessary chemicals by using all-natural soap, shampoo, and conditioner bars in the bath or shower. 
  • Pampering: Taking time out of your day for a refreshing bath can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Let LYMB make it even more special by adding an aromatic, moisturizing bath bomb and taking the time to polish your skin with our body scrub and polisher

**As a bonus tip, swap out your disposable make-up remover pads with reusable cloths! It makes a world of difference (and it’s better for your complexion!).

Eco-friendly Home Cleaning Tips

Eco-forward home cleaning habits are just as easy to establish as your new green bathroom routines. It’s simply a continuation of what you’re doing now but with a shift in how you use your buying power. 

Eco-Alternative Cleaning Products

Considering your cleaning products carefully by exploring packaging alternatives and reading the labels will benefit your personal health just as much as it positively affects global climate change. LYMB offers a low-waste, chemical-free dishwashing eco-alternative in the form of a dish bar or recyclable, eco-friendly dish soap.

Using cleaning products that are eco-conscious, package-free or have biodegradable or recyclable containers is another step in the right direction toward green living. When adding elbow grease to your environmentally-friendly cleaners, try opting for sponge cloths, tea towels, and scrubbies instead of paper towels. Just one sponge cloth can reduce landfill waste of up to 17 rolls of paper towel. Another bonus of these eco-cloths and scrubbies is that they are naturally quick-drying and anti-bacterial which keeps you and your family healthy and eliminates that cringe-worthy ‘dishcloth’ smell. 

Laundry Detergent and Dryer Tips

Did you know that you can clean your clothes with a minimally packaged, recyclable, and dry laundry detergent? Just peel off a strip and throw it in with your clothes as you would dump the messy goop that you find in those big plastic containers (which often don’t even get recycled!). Then, when you’re ready to dry, load up your clothes with a reusable dryer ball to get the same soft, lint and static-free effects of a dryer sheet but with little to no waste! 

On the Go, Low Waste Living Tips

Eating on the go

More than just cleaning products are reusable in the kitchen. Lunch boxes, beeswax wraps, and glass jars or containers can be used time and time again rather than resorting to expensive and unhealthy plastic baggies and pre-packaged, processed foods. 

Grocery Shopping

When grocery shopping, consider using upcycled or mesh produce bags instead of the plastic ones provided by the store. The same can be done when buying bread. Who doesn’t love the soft, warm, crusty taste of bakery fresh bread? Using your own bread bag will let you keep that scrumptious flavour without the plastic waste of store-bought buns. 

You don’t need to sacrifice convenience for low waste living

In every part of your home and day-to-day routines, you can make small, simple changes toward a more eco-forward lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences of our throwaway culture. 

However, don’t forget that the most eco-friendly products out there are the ones you already have. Waste not, want not. 

Make good use of your possessions by caring for them properly and, when you find their use is spent, LYMB will have your next eco-forward, low-waste product at the ready. 

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