LYMB’s Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Gift Guide For All!

Inside Love Your Mother Boutique's Valentine's Day gift guide, you’ll find gift ideas for friends, family, spouses and plain old self-care ideas to treat yourself. Yes, you can gift yourself this Valentine's day, you can gift your friends, and your loved ones. It’s a day of LOVE, and we want you to pamper your loved ones with some special gifts this year. 

LYMB’s unordinary Valentine's Day gift guide includes gifts made by local Canadians with care. And in Love Your Mother Boutique fashion, all gifts will replenish your home, nourish your soul and cherish Mother Earth.

Shop everything from eco-friendly goods to locally made pottery to artisan soaps and scrubs, unique home decor pieces and so many more gifts made with love.

25+ Unique Vday Gift Ideas For You & Your Loved Ones

1. Wools and Wicks

Wick and Wool


Whether you’re looking to warm up on a cool winter day with a beautiful beeswax candle or bare the cold Canadian outdoors by bundling up in cozy winter knits, Wools and Wicks has you covered. Shop all their handmade goodies via the links below. Shop their Etsy shop here, or browse their knits and candles on their Instagram @wools_and_wicks.

2. Buck Naked Collection 

Buck Naked Soap

Bring the spa to your loved ones this LOVE DAY! Love Your Mother Boutique customers cannot stop talking about how amazing the sugar scrubs are with rose clay and eucalyptus or the jasmine and charcoal scent. Not a scrub fan? Choose to gift your family, friends and loved ones with bath bombs that will rejuvenate their skin and give them the gift of relaxation! Choose from scents lavender and rosemary, or eucalyptus or Himalayan salt,  or opt from a variety of bar soaps that soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

3. BKIND Collection

BKIND Product

Skin care lovers, you will adore the Konjac facial sponge. Choose from infusions of rose, charcoal, lavender, green tea and more, and soothe ailments naturally. It’s a natural low-waste facial cleansing solution that cleanses your skin plus eliminates the need to buy plastic soap bottles again! Or, opt for the Bkind Shampoo and Conditioner bars and upgrade your loved one's hair care routine. Not only will the bars leave their hair feeling soft and nourished, but they’ll leave the shower with the fresh scent of eucalyptus and orange. 

4. Quest XO Chocolate

QUEST XO choxolate

Quest XO Chocolate made by the one and only Chef Quest, professional chocolatier, (previously Coco XO Chocolate) and creator of sassy chocolate creations that make you feel special. Quest XO’s Valentine’s Day specials include edible Valentine’s Day cards (yes, you can eat them!), chocolate ‘perfect pout lollies,’ chocolate rose lollies, puppy love hot cocoa bombs, cranberry almond heart decorated bark, and so much more! Shop Vday specials via the Quest XO Chocolate website, or visit their Instagram to drool over their treats!


5. Rhymes With Pizza

Rhythm with Pizza Nails

Shop nail artist Mili’s freehand painted designs. She creates the most beautiful funky press-on nails you’ll ever find on the smallest natural canvases. Her press-on nail sets are customized to you and one-of-a-kind. Gift the red hot ‘Valentines Bouquet,’ set or shop many other custom designs via her online shop here. Stop by Rhymes With Pizza on Instagram to get a feel for her funky nails before you buy.

6. Love Your Skin Bundle 

Love your SKIN bundle

Why not gift Love Your Mother Boutique's at home spa package to your loved ones? They will love the whole set! It comes with a body brush to dry brush your body, one of our 2 fantastic BuckNaked Sugar Scrubs, a body soap, and one of our low-waste Konjac facial sponges (scent is randomly selected, but all do wonders to your skin). Last but not least, you will be gifted a handmade piece of LYMB pottery. 

7. Feminal Athletics

Feminal Fit

Don’t compromise on your fitness clothes this season. Shop Feminal’s high quality apparel including leggings, tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, sports bras, and more from this Canadian brand. Yes, they may sell athletic wear, but they are more than an apparel company. They are a place for all women to feel welcomed, connected, and comfortable at all times, everyday whether in the gym or on the go, or lounging around! Want to learn more about their brand and passions? Visit Feminal Athletics Instagram page here.

8. Sound Response Wellness

Sound Response Wellness

Gift the ‘Why Self-Compassion Matters Seminar + Live Sound Bath Experience’ on February 14th, truly a gift of self-care! Meditate while listening to the original soothing sounds of the sound bath and learn how to reduce stress with self-compassion. Nicole (Sound Therapy Practitioner and Musician) and Laura (Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner) combine their skills to bring you Sound Based Stress Reduction™ with a live sound bath experience including crystal quartz singing bowls, shakers, chimes and metal bowls for a relaxing stress relieving experience. Join Sound Response Wellness and learn how to cultivate self-compassion in your life. Register for the workshop here.

9. Citrus Tea Towel and Sponge Collection

Tea Towel, Sponge Cloth

Brighten up your kitchen or add a contemporary feel with these eco-friendly sponge cloths and tea towels. Ditch paper towels forever, and give the gift of a cleaner kitchen and new low-waste sponge clothes this year! Sponge cloths are paper towel’s replacement and actually reduce 17 rolls of paper towels. Choose a tea towel and sponge cloth set in citrus orange, black and white or many other variations here.  

10. Lavande Chic 

Lavender Chic

This young Canadian entrepreneur wants you to know that Lavande Chic only uses eco-friendly packaging with her hand-curated jewelry. Shop her Valentine’s rose paper quilling earrings, Valentine’s heart paper quilling earrings, and many more. You’ll find nothing but unique crafted earrings on her Etsy site and jewelry made with eco-friendly practices. Browse Lavande Chic’s Instagram for creative gift ideas that will not only look amazing, but cherish Mother Earth!

11. Heavenly Cocoa Bites

Heavenly Cocoa Bites

Bite into a piece of Heaven this Valentine’s Day. Plant Based Everything’s vegan gourmet chocolate truffles are the perfect gift for your loved ones with a sweet tooth. Handcrafted in a local Toronto kitchen, Heavenly Cocoa Bites are a must have this season. The truffles are made with all natural raw ingredients, zero sugar, zero artificial flavours and holistically created to fit into your diet. Try one of the three flavours walnut brownie, cocoa-coconut, or cashew caramel, or order an assorted pack! Taste a bite of heaven and you will thank us later! Follow them on Instagram at Plant Based Everything to keep posted on their latest heavenly creation.

12. Batch Beauty

Beauty Bath salt and balm crystal

This Valentine’s Day enjoy Batch Beauty’s body soak with Himalayan Pink Salt + Dead Sea Salt with Organic Rose Petals to boost the self-love experience, or opt for the entire Valentine’s Day self love bundle that includes a rose quartz stone bracelet, a heart shaped meditation stone, and the himalayan pink salt body soak we mentioned above. This Toronto-based skincare brand is known for taking the magic of natural ingredients and blending them with elevated classics for bold and unique skincare options, browse Batch Beauty’s Instagram and online shop here.

13. Love Your Bath Bundle

Love Your Bath Bundle

 Want to give a gift that not only nourishes your skin, but Mother Earth too? The Love Your Bath Bundle is a zero-waste bath path starter pack containing a Bkind shampoo and conditioner bar, 1 of our 4 body soaps (the soap scent is randomly selected but each soap has rejuvenating benefits), an agave mitt body polisher (replace your loofah with this mitt!), and a handmade piece of pottery from our collection made with love in Toronto, Canada.

14. Pottery Mugs

Pottery Mugs

Bring your kitchen and home back to Earth with Love Your Mother Boutique’s handcrafted pottery mugs. Brighten up your kitchen with mugs in pottery blue, earthy green, yellow and white tones and more. And the best part is that all pottery from LYMB is made with love in Toronto, Canada and each piece is 100% unique. Besides drinking coffee or tea, you can use mugs for storing your office supplies or jewelry or finding a new place for your indoor plant.

15. Serving Dishes

Serving Dish Love your Mother Boutique

Serve your guests in style with Love Your Mother Boutique’s handmade serving dishes. Gift the large brown serving plate, the beautiful blue and white serving dish, and so many more. Use the dishes to cook meat or fish in the oven, bake casseroles, or serve fresh baked treats straight out of the oven. Choose from pottery blue tones, earth green tones or classic white or brown serving dishes. All pieces are uniquely hand-made in Toronto by the Love Your Mother Boutique family.

16. Vases

Pottery Vases

Hi Plant lovers! We’ve got you covered. Browse Love Your Mother Boutique’s eclectic collection of handmade vases that all plant enthusiasts will love! Display your budding flowers in the large textured pottery white and brown vase, move growing indoor plants into large vases or find a place for dried plants to go. All vases are made with love in Toronto Canada with the Love Your Mother Boutique family.


17. Love Your Kitchen Bundle

Love Your Kitchen Bundle

Treat your loved ones to a low-waste kitchen upgrade this Valentine’s day. Upgrade their kitchen with the Love Your Kitchen Bundle. The bundle includes the tea towel and sponge cloth collection (bye-bye paper towel, hello low-waste!), substitute their Saran wrap with reusable beeswax food wrap, and an up-cycled reusable cotton produce bag in a surprise, so they go low-waste grocery shopping and never have to use a plastic bag again. Plus, every box comes with a unique piece of pottery handmade by the LYMB team! 

18. Plates and Hot Plates 

Hot Plates

Find one of a kind coloured hot plates in blue, yellow, purple and white or funky colourful plates handcrafted by the LYMB family. Our customers are loving the blue, yellow and white plate, classic creamy yellow plates, and many other varieties. Shop plates from small to large including plates with folds to act as utensil holders while cooking. All we know is that one piece of unique LYMB pottery is sure to light up your kitchen! 


19. Scatterbrain Soapworks 

ScatterBrain Soapwork

Treat your special someone to Scatterbrain’s Valentines day inspired artisan soap “Love Struck,” which is a combination of rose water, sensual floral blend or ylang ylang essential oils, clary sage and a drop or two of bergamot essential oils for that fresh smelling scent. Plus the soap is blended with rose clay and Australian red clay which adds to the red colour of the soap and adds extra hydration to your body! Another popular scent is the lavender soap bar, or the oat milk and honey soap bar to soothe dry skin and leave you feeling silky smooth! Whatever soap you buy, just know that these are handmade with care in Toronto, Canada and vegan, palm-free and eco-friendly! Browse Scatterbrain Soapworks’ Instagram page here for updates and new soaps, or visit their online shop for all soap varieties.


20. OneFive1

Soy Candle

Nothing says I love you more, than a candle that says it! Shop OneFive1’s “love candles,” and set the mood this Valentine’s day. A fan favourite is the “Love You, Mean It,” candle which is 100% soy wax with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and pinch of passion, or “You Know You Love Me,” 100% soy wax candle with hints of blackberry, raspberry, vanilla and citrus. View other candles ,scrunchies, home decor and other goodies they offer at their online shop, or browse OneFive1’s Instagram for ideas. All candles are hand poured in Bradford, Ontario and made with love!

21. Ojibway Naturals

Ojibway Natural product

All Ojibway Natural’s products are handmade in Northern Ontario and created eco-friendly practices in mind. All their skincare, and home products are scented with the traditional medicines of the indigenous traditional medicines and many other scents. Gift the healing skin salve with shea, lavender and tea tree to your loved ones dealing with dry skin or eczema, handmade soothing lip balms, candles and more! Shop all Ojibway Natural’s products here, or visit their Instagram to browse.


22. Coco DesignsTO

Coco Dessignsto

With Valentine’s Day in mind, gift the red wine butler and serve your wine with a romantic touch.  Besides the wine butler, Coco DesignsTO creates elegant custom homemade made resin coasters and jewelry trays that their customers love. Have a unique idea you don’t see? Message her for a custom order your loved ones will adore! Browse Coco DesignsTO on Instagram or shop via their Etsy store online.

23. Love Your Home Bundle

Loveyour Home Bundle

Give your friends and family home some love this Valentine’s Day with the Love Your Home Bundle. You will be gifting them with eco-strip laundry pack (zero-waste laundry detergent), a set of four wool dryer balls (no more Bounce sheets needed) one of our 4 tea towel and sponge cloth designs,  plus a hand selected piece of unique pottery made by the LYMB team created with love.

24. Wil Be Bloomin

Will Be Blooming

Wil Be Bloomin in the Heart of Kensington offers the most beautiful bouquets, flowers and buds to give this Valentine’s Day. Choose from bouquets, fresh cut flowers, seeds and more! You can order online, pick up at their local or request delivery across Toronto. Browse the flowers from the emporium on their Instagram or shop online here!

25. Cured Catering Boxes

Cured Catering - Sweet Treats

We can’t go out this Valentine’s day, but we can definitely eat in! Enjoy a custom Cured Catering Box delivered to you and your loved ones this Vday! Gift their chocolate Valentine’s Day box, large Valentine’s Day dessert platter, giant Valentine’s Day candy tray, and one of many Valentine’s Day charcuterie platters. For everything Valentine's Day browse their website.


26. Love Your Adventure Bundle

Love Your Adventure

Want to help your friends, family and loved ones live a low-waste lifestyle? The Love Your Adventure Bundle is for the busy and on the go human who wants to add in low-waste living but needs a little help. Here’s what’s included in the bundle: an upcycled grocery bag (in a fun surprise pattern), for shopping on the go, a mesh produce bag, and a bread bag, and beeswax food wrap to sustainably wrap your lunches and meals on the go or to store for later.


We hope our list inspired you to choose a unique gift made with love in Canada. I’m positive that your loved ones will adore what you choose from our list. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, shop all our products here! Happy love day from the Love Your Mother Boutique Team!

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