LYMB’s Gift Guide For Busy Moms and Hardworking Women Who Deserve a Break

It’s time to pamper the women in your life, your mom, your wife who’s always on-the-go, and or your sister or loved ones who could really use some TLC. We’ve carefully curated this list specifically for women who desperately need a break, to focus attention on self-care, to brighten up their homes, and to give them ethically made Canadian products with wholesome ingredients. 

20+ Gift Ideas for The Women You Love

Bath, Spa and “Me-Time” Products 

  1. Bath Bombs: Gift our most popular Eucalyptus and Himalyayan Salt bath bomb and give a luxurious bath experience, or opt for the lavender and rosemary scent, or the rose and moroccan clay bath bomb
  2. Buck Naked Body Scrubs: These scrubs feel like the spa, but in the comfort of your home! Our shoppers cannot stop raving about how amazing the Rose Clay and Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub that’s infused with moisturizing shea and cocoa butters. However, some fans also  choose the detoxifying Jasmine and Charcoal Sugar Scrub for its detoxifying benefits for the skin. 
  3. Buck Naked Artisan Soaps: Choose one of these soft, invigorating soaps in with Himalayan Salt to draw out the skin's impurities or Purple Brazilian Clay to boost the skin's appearance. 
  4. Konjac Sponge: Add the Konjac sponge to her beauty routine and never use a single-waste product again! Choose from the following infusions: rose flower, lavender, bamboo charcoal, turmeric, or green tea
  5. BKind Collection: Give the shampoo and conditioner duo and she'll love how wonderful and fresh her hair feels, while having a low-waste impact on Earth!
  6. Love Your Skin Bundle: Treat the women in your life to an "at home spa package," to relax and destress this holiday. The set comes with one of our amazing BuckNaked Sugar Scrubs, a body soap, a Konjac facial sponge (infusion scent is randomly selected, but all 5 scents are wonderful to rejuvenate your skin), and a handmade piece of LYMB specially picked for you. 
  7. Jade Roller: The women in your life, will love the jade roller to relax facial muscles, smooth out skin tone, and increase circulation and elasticity. (the gift of great skin!)
  8. Agave Mitt Body Polisher: The Sayula Agave Mitt, is an eco-friendly substitute for the loofah that the body will thank you for! Lather up, remove dead skin cells, and rejuvenate your skin!  
  9. Love Your Bath Bundle: Give your loved one the "Love Your Bath Bundle," so she can spend time relaxing and pampering herself. The bundle comes with 1 of 4 body soaps (all smell amazing, and have fantastic benefits for the skin), an agave mitt body polisher to lather up in the shower or bath, a shampoo and conditioner bar, plus a hand selected piece of pottery from our collection made with love. 
  10. Agave Cloth Body Polisher: The Sayula Agave Cloth, is a simple low-waste solution to wash the body. Wrap your soap into the cloth and lather up! 

Gifts For the Home  

  1. Sponge Cloths: Choose the low-waste lively Citrus Sponge Cloths, or Neutral Coloured Sponge Clothes
  2. TruEarth EcoStrips: These laundry strips are a clean zero-waste alternative to regular laundry detergent that’s good for the Earth, hypoallergenic and even healthier for you, and your loved ones. 
  3. Love Your Kitchen Bundle: The Kitchen Bundle is perfect for the women who want a little help going low-waste in the kitchen. The bundle includes the tea towel and sponge cloth combo, beeswax food wrap to replace Saran wrap forever, a grocery store up-cycled reusable cotton produce bag in a surprise pattern, and a special piece of pottery just for her! 
  4. Ceramic Mugs: Brighten up her mug collection with a special handmade pottery mug in earthy tones like green and white, yellow and blue, and many more. 
  5. Ceramic Bowls: Upgrade her kitchen with these our ceramic bowls, in bright colours or opt for neutral coloured ones. Sizes range from small, medium to large, so choose the best option for her! Small to put snacks in or larger to serve full meals in. 
  6. Ceramic Serving Dishes: Use our homemade ceramic serving dishes to serve meals made with love. There's nothing lovelier than serving on a homemade dish created just for you. 
  7. Ceramic Vases for Plants: Our homemade vases will give her plants a place to live in style! Choose from bottleneck style, bowl style, tall and more. 
  8. One of a Kind Purple, Blue and White Hot Plates: These hot-plates are "hot items," as no one else will have the same one! Gift her this unique piece and let her serve her guests with these funky plates. 
  9. Reusable Bread Bag: Gift the bread baker with this organic cotton bread bag that will keep freshly made bread last longer!
  10. Beeswax Food Wrap: Upgrade your bread bag by wrapping the fresh cut ends of the loaf in Beeswax paper, and keep the loaf fresh for 6 to 7 days

We hope our list of gifts to pamper the busy hard working women in your life helped make shopping a little less stressful, and little more meaningful. Happy holidays from the Love Your Mother Boutique Team!

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