3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Many hear “eco-friendly kitchen” and get intimidated by the prospect of change. Before you even take your first step, you let it become this monumental task that comes at the cost of both time and money. We, at Love Your Mother Boutique (LYMB), are here to bust that myth and show you that having an eco-friendly kitchen and developing eco-forward habits saves you money, keeps you healthy and frees up your time to enjoy more of the world.

Creating a low-waste kitchen is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Cleaning products

Consider your cleaning products carefully. Read the labels and check for harmful chemicals that could hurt not only the environment but your family as well. Substituting your dish soap with shampoo bar can be a great alternative when cleaning the dishes as they are made for the body with less unknown additives. 

Try to find products that are package-free or have biodegradable or recyclable containers. Recycling a box is a lot kinder to the environment than leaving a package at the dump. Some cleaning products even come packed using already recycled materials as companies are beginning to realize the importance of going green. LYMB offers a low-waste, eco-alternative in the form of a dish bar! 

 2. Paper & Plastic Free

More often than not paper towels are the go-to for anytime someone spills a drink or makes a kitchen and dining room mess. How many paper rolls or wipes do you typically go through in a week? A month? A year? Imagine the TONS of paper towel waste ending up in landfills for the sake of spilled milk.

Using sponge cloths can substitute up to 17 rolls of paper towel, reducing the plastic packaging and overall waste in landfills.

Plastic sponges that are used when washing the dishes take a very long time to break down when they’re thrown in the trash - lifetimes, even. Replacing these unhygienic, earth-destroying dish sponges with eco-friendly scrubbies will significantly reduce your environmental impact and the time it takes for you to run back and forth to the store when you inevitably need to buy more. You know they never last as long as the advertisements say they will. 

Another bonus of these eco-products is that they are naturally quick-drying and anti-bacterial which keeps you and your family healthy and eliminates that cringe-worthy ‘dishcloth’ smell. 

Ditch the paper towels for cloths and plastic sponges for eco-scrubbies; your wallet, your health, your time, and the environment will thank you.

3. Reuse

Multi-use kitchen items are amazing for so many reasons but did you know that their longevity can be prolonged even further with proper care and maintenance? Yes! You can shave even more time off of your trips to the supermarket by stretching the use of your high-quality, green kitchen products. 

Take care of your multi-use items: 

  • Use it for what it was made for
  • Wash it gently and properly
  • Mend rips and tears instead of turning to the trash

This will make your items last even longer thereby saving you both money and time, all while preserving our Mother Earth. 

More than just cleaning products and items are reusable in the kitchen. Lunch boxes, beeswax wraps, and containers can be cared for and used time and time again rather than resorting to expensive and unhealthy plastic baggies and pre-packaged, processed foods. 

Don’t forget, the most eco-friendly products out there are the ones you already have. Waste not, want not. Make good use of what you already have in your possession by caring for them properly and, when you find their use is spent, LYMB will have your next eco-forward, low-waste product at the ready. 

Choosing an eco-friendly kitchen really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. By following these suggestions you will be helping the environment, freeing up time, improving your health, AND saving money.

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