Who is Love Your Mother Boutique?

Hello, and welcome to Love Your Mother Boutique or LYMB for short! 

My name is Sarah, and I am so excited to personally welcome you to our eco-forward online boutique. 

We are your one-stop-shop for all things eco-forward, eco-conscious, and low-waste living. 

Now I may be the face behind the brand, but I am definitely not the only one making magic happen. Keep reading to learn about all our amazing key players involved. (hint we are a tight-knit family business!)

Here’s the story of how it all started…

I spent 3 months backpacking around Australia, living in a van (see below- that’s me!), and enjoying nature and the outdoors. One of my favourite parts about living there was how easy it was to shop for high-quality eco-forward products, and that it was basically the norm to live a lower-waste lifestyle. When I would go shopping for my bath and kitchen essentials, most options were either in glass, paper, or without any packaging. People were always encouraged to drop plastic, and even cafes offered a discount when you brought your reusable cup! 

Communities were so focused on providing accessible eco-forward solutions to their consumers, not the other way around, where people have to go above and beyond to find low-waste options. 

Now fast-forward and coming back to Canada, this was not the case. 

When I got home, I was overwhelmed by plastic, products wrapped in plastic, people constantly using single-use plastic in their daily lives, and everyone just throwing out so much stuff, without a care for Mother Earth. 

That’s when I decided that I needed to help Canadians find a simpler, more accessible eco-forward solution. Hence, Love Your Mother Boutique was born!

At Love Your Mother Boutique, we want everyone to be able to find their home essentials all in one shop. 

Every few months, you can shop at your go-to store, LYMB, for eco-forward home goods. You will love how beautiful and high-quality our products are.  

  • Our promise to you is that our products are cleaner and better for you than other products on the market or at home. 
  • We personally choose and source every product at Love Your Mother Boutique. 
  • We only source from local suppliers in Canada, and we are focused on offering premium products made primarily by female entrepreneurs. 

Here are our home essential bundles: 

We offer individual eco-conscious products, too in the following categories, bath, beauty, skin, on the go and more. You can shop them all here

Now a little more about me, before I sign off!

I haven’t even told you the best part yet. 

I found a way to combine all my passions into one: women’s rights, environmental politics, and a love for family. (Learn more about this here)

Remember, I told you our team is made up of some amazing individuals. Well...

At  Love Your Mother Boutique, all the pottery is hand-made and glazed by my mom and grandmother. (I know, I’m so lucky to have them! They are amazing women & artists!). And last but definitely not least, my amazing business partner is Yassin, he is also a life-long best friend, has a passion for environmentalism, and runs a charity for ocean conservation. LYMB would not be possible without all their love, passion and support!

My hope with LYMB is that you can find all your eco-forward home essentials in one shop, and that it helps lead to you living a more sustainable and lower-waste lifestyle. 

We are all in this together, and each small habit changed to a more sustainable one, leads to a better planet, and a greener Earth.

Your Eco-Forward Friend,


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