15 Eco-forward Low Waste Holiday Gift Ideas

Going low-waste and giving eco-friendly gifts this year is on the rise, and as a passionate eco-forward company we could not be happier with this trend!  We want to give you a head start on your shopping list, so we’ve compiled a list of 15 of our favourite eco-forward holiday gift ideas created with care in Canada, that your friends and family will love. 

15 Canadian-Made Eco-forward Sustainable Gift Ideas 

Bath and Body - Gifts to Pamper 

1. Buck Naked Collection 

Bring the spa to home this holiday season. Love Your Mother Boutique customers have been raving about the sugar scrubs with rose clay and eucalyptus or the jasmine and charcoal scent. Gift your friends and family with bath bombs in lavender and rosemary, or eucalyptus or Himalayan salt,  or choose from a variety of bar soaps that soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

2. Bkind Collection 

Want to upgrade your friend’s hair routine? Give them the duo Bkind Shampoo and Conditioner bars, and let them experience shower time in a whole new low-waste way. Plus the shampoo bar will leave their hair smelling like the fresh scents of orange and eucalyptus, and the conditioner will leave their hair nourished with its soft natural ingredients. 

Here’s another idea for skin care lovers. Choose the Konjac facial sponge infused with various flavours like rose, lavender, charcoal and more. It’s a natural low-waste facial cleansing solution that feels great on the skin, expands when you add water to it and eliminates the need to buy soap in plastic bottles. Plus each scent soothes different skin ailments, your pals will love it!

3. Love Your Bath Bundle 

The zero-waste bath starter pack is a kind gift to Mother Earth and your loved ones for the holidays. This pack contains 1 of our 4 body soaps (the scent is randomly chosen and each one smells amazing), a shampoo and conditioner bar, an agave mitt body polisher (you will love this mitt once you start to use it - say bye bye loofah), and a unique piece of pottery from our collection handmade with love. 

4. Love Your Skin Bundle 

Why not gift an at home spa package to your loved ones? They will love the whole set! It comes with a body brush to dry brush your body, one of our 2 fantastic BuckNaked Sugar Scrubs, a body soap, and one of our low-waste Konjac facial sponges (scent is randomly selected, but all do wonders to your skin. Last but not least, you will be gifted a handmade piece of LYMB pottery.  

5. Jade 

Gift the give of an at home facial massage with the Jade Roller. Pamper your friends and family with this ancient Chinese Medicine technique used to stimulate blood circulation and reduce puffiness around the face. They will love how rejuvenated and fresh their skin feels afterwards.


Brighten Up the Kitchen & Home

6. Citrus Tea Towel and Sponge Sets

Treat your friends and family to the Citrus Orange or Citrus Lemon Tea Towel and Sponge Set to brighten up their kitchen for the new year. If your family and friends have more classic tastes, opt for neutral colours or black and white to match their contemporary kitchen.

Love Your Kitchen Bundle

The Love Your Kitchen Bundle is a heart-felt gift for your friends and family who could use a helping hand lowering their waste in the kitchen and upgrading its style. They will love the tea towel and sponge cloth combo (each of our designs is complementary to any kitchen), they can replace Saran wrap forever with the beeswax food wrap you are giving them, and they will love going to the grocery store with the up-cycled reusable cotton produce bag in a surprise pattern. That's not the last surprise though, we will also be gifting a unique piece of handmade pottery by our team!

Love Your Home Bundle

Surprise your friends and family with the Love Your Home Bundle. You will be gifting them with one of our 4 tea towel and sponge cloth designs, an eco-strip laundry pack (zero-waste laundry detergent!), a set of four wool dryer balls (no more Bounce sheets needed), plus a hand selected piece of unique pottery made by the LYMB team.

Pottery and Art

All pottery from Love Your Mother Boutique is made with love by my mother and grandmother. Each piece is 100% unique and once it’s gone, there isn’t another one like it in the collection yet. It’s the perfect gift to give to amplify one’s kitchenware collection or upgrade their home and dining decor.

9. Ceramic Mugs

Bring your kitchen and home back to earth with our handcrafted pottery mugs. Brighten up your collection of mugs with our unique cups in earthy tones of green and white, yellow, blue and whiteyellow and white, and more. Our mugs aren’t just for drinking coffee and tea, use them as a home for your plants, a place to store your office supplies, or jewelry.


10. Ceramic Serving Dishes 

Use the dishes to serve fresh baked goods straight out of the oven, bake casseroles, or cook fish or meat in the oven for a delicate crispy taste. Gift the large brown serving dish with beautiful handles, the sandy yellow and brown large serving dish, the cream textured serving dish, or many more from our beautiful collection. They are all  one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces by the Love Your Mother Boutique family, and once they are gone, there aren’t any more like it.

 One of a Kind Purple, Blue and White Hot Plates 

A unique pottery piece to decorate the dinner table with or add as home decor. Save your table from heat damage and place the hot casserole dishes on these hot plates. Only 2 in this collection, purple and blue or blue and white, so if you fall in love with the piece, we suggest you grab it fast before other shoppers get their hands on it!



12. Ceramic Vases for Plants

We have lots of vases for all the plant lovers and home decor enthusiasts to choose from! Display your blooming flowers in the textured brown tall bottleneck vase, repot flowers from the garden in our large teal or cream vases. Choose the only tall blue and white vase in our collection or give our earthy brown finished vase to fill with greenery or dried plants.


13. Ceramic Bowls 

Replenish your kitchen with these beauties. Our collection of bowls ranges from small coloured bowls to eat from or put home essentials or jewelry in to medium sized bowls in yellow, white, blue and more to put snacks in or larger meals, and then we have large bowls that you can serve dinners in. Serve your guests in style with Love Your Mother Boutique’s handmade purple and white bowl. Pack our bowls with root vegetables, salty snacks, bread or whatever’s on the menu. 


Gifts to Mother Earth


14. Love Mother Earth Start Pack

Gift your eco-friendly pals with the Love Mother Earth Starter Pack. We’ve packed this bundle with the essentials you need to start a low-waste lifestyle.  Here’s what’s inside: one randomly chosen soap of our 4 scents, a soap saver, a toothbrush, a bamboo toothbrush, a laundry eco-strip pack, a sponge cloth (1 of 4 of our designs), and an up-cycled reusable cotton produce bag for shopping on the go.

 Love Your Adventure Bundle


The Love Your Adventure Bundle is for your friend, loved one or family member who wants to give the low-waste lifestyle a try, but is busy and on the go. This pack contains everything they need to continue with their busy lifestyle, but add in low-waste items to help them help Mother Earth. Here’s what’s inside a mesh produce bag and an up-cycled grocery bag (in a surprise pattern) shopping on the go, a bread bag, a beeswax food wrap and a unique piece of pottery. 


We hope our list helped ease your holiday shopping and that you found some lovely eco-forward gifts that your friends and family will love. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, search the full site, or search by brand to find products easier! Happy shopping from the Love Your Mother Boutique Team!


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